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Bobby Carver
Sons of American Legion


Jeremiah Bull- Legionnaire 

2-14 Calvary /1-25th ID "Lancers"


Vincent Morales-VCP Founder

1-24 INF / 1-25th ID "Lancers"


all patriots. all americans.
all working together to ENSURE no veteran goes without!

In 2017, Jeremy "Bull" and Robert "Bobby" Carver had the idea to hold a fundraiser in celebration of Jeremy's 21st birthday. The event, a Texas Hold'em poker game, was hosted at American Legion Post 19 in Gardner, KS. 

The event was so successful, Jeremy and Bobby decided to repeat it the following year. In 2018, "Hold'Em for Heroes" raised over $12,000 with proceeds benefiting Veterans Community Project. During that event, Jeremy and VCP co-founder Vincent Morales learned they did two tours together in Iraq (2004 and 2007) with the 25th Infantry Division.


In 2019, the 3rd annual "Hold'Em For Heroes" continued to grow. With new sponsors, players, and community involvement, the event raised $34,000 to help eliminate Veterans homelessness in Kansas City. 


Through Veterans Community Project's extended network, the Hold'Em for Heroes team connected with another "Lancer" from the 25th Infantry Division: Justin Hoover, CEO of  The Battle Within. Now all three Veterans, bound by the rigors of war, have united 17 years later with the same mission:  VETERANS TAKING CARE OF VETERANS.

Today, Hold'Em for Heroes is proud to support the work of Veterans Community Project and The Battle Within.  For the 4th annual event on February 22nd, 2020, the team announced a new partnership with  VFW 6654 Linden-Tripkos Memorial Post. Through the combined forces of the American Legion and VFW, Hold'Em for Heroes is truly an ALL AMERICAN effort to support our brothers and sisters in arms.    

Justin Hoover- The Battle Within CEO

1-5 INF / 1-25th INF ID "Lancers"

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1-25th Inf Division (SBCT)

Legion National Commander and Veterans Community Project


Second Annual Hold'Em 4 Heroes Event

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